The modern way to build and operate apps or games without code.

Joystick is remote configs done right, finally! A modern platform to unleash your app or game team to iterate faster and operate more nimbly while reducing costs.

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Use Joystick to action insights and make hot-updates instantly with remote configs and no code. Build and operate with real-time agility.

We put dynamic content and remote configurations at your finger-tips with modern tools to manage hot-updates, versioning, multiple environments, schema protection, webhooks, change review, and more.

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Don’t settle for waiting. Make changes and see it live in your app or game within seconds.

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Push remote config changes live instantly and safely without code merges, builds and deploys.

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One RESTful API for all of your configuration content.

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Organize, track, update and sync dynamic configs in multiple environments.

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A full suite of Webhooks and APIs enable notifications, transparency and workflow integrations.

Use Joystick to action
high-quality, high-velocity decisions.

Joystick gives you the same tooling that teams at blitz-scaling companies use to instantly and safely make changes without code, and test dozens of parameters in real-time.

What is the secret behind the success of Netflix, LinkedIn, Google and many others? It is their fast "Observe, Orient, Decide, Act" cycles powered by proprietary remote config systems.

Upgrade to a modern dynamic remote config platform that helps apps, games and systems evolve scale and speed.

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Test Aggressively
Weed Out Failures

Manage and distribute all of your remote configs in Joystick with one REST API

CSVs, JSON, and Excel clutter your codebase, complicating your deployment process, and frustrating your entire team with how utterly slow and painful it is to make changes.
Use Joystick to effortlessly manage remote configurations behind one API, with one purpose-built platform, making them more accessible, organized. Empowers your team for rapid product testing and evolution.

Get measurable results when using Joystick to power your dynamic configs.


More Experiments


Delivery Time


Live-Ops Events


Frustrated Engineers

Millions of configs delivered reliably.

Joystick is already loved and trusted by teams working on  augmented reality, enterprise software, games, consumer apps and more.
Painlessly integrate Joystick with your favorite language or frameworks.

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Get up and running in 8 mins or less, really.

Joystick is design from the bottom up to be light-weight and get out of your way. Add your config content, segment it, and request your content via API in 8 mins or less.

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1. Add your config to Joystick.

Drop in any JSON with any shape. No restrictions. No clunky interface.

2. Make a request.

Joystick has easy REST API options for integration to get your data the way you want it with one POST request.

3. Get your updates instantly, at scale.

Updated configurations or parameters are delivered to your app, game or IoT devices at scale instantly. No waiting, no delay.

Close the gap between insights and action with real-time agility.

Make your game design responsive and tune in real-time.

The best teams constantly monitor and evolve every aspect of their product. Joystick is built to help you do this while reducing costs and overhead.

Create dynamic and personalized pricing and offers.

We know there is no one-size-fits all. Joystick allows you to have segmentation at scale for any parameter in your product.

Replace “git-ops” and having a tangled mess of scripts.

Are you tired of having configurations, CSVs, littered all over your repo, and even worse, scripts upon scripts to import them? Joystick is your solution!

Get Your Dynamic Content Under Control and Reduce Your Costs

You are bearing hidden costs that are holding back your team, and you probably don’t even know it!

Before Joystick: A Tangled Mess

CSVs and big Excel sheets flying around Slack, Discord, email. Configurations in Git that are a pain to update and maintain. Custom scripts to import Google Sheets or JSON in your code. These all create friction, cost time and suck up engineering resources.

Using Joystick: Efficient & Agile

All of your dynamic content, remote configurations and parameters are in one place, behind one standard REST API. Your team can quickly change and test parameters to action decisions in real-time. Joystick has native multi-environment support, segmentation, ab testing and a full suite of enterprise features.

Without Joystick, Remote Config files are a mess.
Remote Config Files organized nicely in Joystick.

Benefits Your Entire Team Will Love

Joystick empowers and unleashes your team by giving them the ability to directly manage and evolve your app or game. Your team can shape the next generation of your product by operating in real-time, testing more rapidly and getting ideas to market.

Data Science

A/B test with multiple variants quickly and precisely. With Joystick, A/B test any piece of configurable or dynamic content, then quickly implement and select the winners.

Engineering / DevOps

Enable dynamic configurations that product and operations teams can safely update so the engineering team can stay focused on features and architecture rather than tedious tweaks. Easily integrate seamlessly with 3rd party services, CI/CD pipelines.

Product Management

Product managers are frustrated with how long it takes to make updates. Joystick helps reduce your iteration cycle and empower Product Managers to be directly engaged and hands-on with shaping and evolving the product.


React nimbly and quickly to customer needs. Dynamic configurations enable live operations at the speed of thought to keep your experience fresh and exciting. Perfect for mobile live-game event management, pricing optimizations.

Cloud or Enterprise, we are here for you .

Cloud Services
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Fully hosted and managed
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Unlimited seats
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As many environments as you need
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Scale as you grow without worry
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Segmentation, AB Testing, Scheduling
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Support multiple live/active versions
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Schema protection
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Protected environments with change review policies
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Webhooks and advanced APIs
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Data integrations, including Google Sheets
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Enterprise Services
Customized Flexibility
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All the benefits of Joystick Cloud
Single-tenant solution with your data only
Custom sizing and pricing for per your requirements
One-on-one onboarding and support
Priority feature request and development
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Frequently Asked Question

What is Joystick?

Joystick is a modern dynamic configuration platform that can be used for remote config, but is much more. It that helps you take frequently update configurations, CSVs, localization, and parameters out of your codebase and manage them elegantly in one robust platform where it is easily accessible by your app, game or system, and scales seamlessly with your product.

What are some use cases for Joystick?

Joystick can be used anywhere there are parameters, configurations and content you'd like to update remotely and quickly without having to go through a code build-deploy process. Here are just a few suggestions: pricing and package management, pop-up and promotions, localization (instantly publish content from Google Sheets), game economy management, live-event parameters, robotics, IoT systems coordination, dev-ops configurations. machine learning model parameters, feature flagging and staged roll-out.
We are here to support you!

How can I get started with Joystick?

We are working with a select group of partners. Reach out and come join us with free early access. Our API is RESTful and designed to be amazingly simple to integrate. Additionally, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Will Joystick scale reliably?

Yes, we are built by a team of game and app engineers who have taken care of tens of millions of users/players, and operated products with nine-figure revenues. Reliably and scalability are fundamentals we have designed and architected for. Our edge delivery and caching ensures you can get your remote config content quickly, and at scale.

How much does Joystick cost?

Joystick is free to get started. We are working with a select group of partners who have really loved us. Trial Joystick until you are completely satisfied and your team loves it. Early partners will also enjoy life-long discounts, so reach out to us now and let's see how we can help. Our passionate team is very responsive.

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