A dynamic configuration platform for the whole team.

Joystick is a modern remote configuration platform and API for apps and games.

Full life-cycle management and operation of remote configurations. Build, operate, AB test and segment at scale for apps and games using one unified product.

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Top Features at a Glance.

  • 📝 Full JSON Config: Go beyond feature flags. Use full JSON remote configs to instantly update content, data, flags or parameters.
  • 🗄️ Automatic Revision History: History of changes and full audit log; instantly revert back to previous revisions.
  • 📱 Easy Integration: REST API, Unity, Csharp, Javascript/Typescript, PHP, Python, Unreal Engine and more.
  • 🔀 Multiple environments 🎯 Segmentation 🆎 AB Testing⏳ Staged Deployments ⏰️ Scheduled Changes 🚩 Classic Feature Flags 👥 Permissions and Access Control 🔒 Schema Protection 🔗 Webhooks 🔢 One-click Google Sheets Integration

Why use Joystick? Real-time operations and product evolution.

Tune your game design in real-time.

The best teams constantly monitor and evolve every aspect of their product. Joystick is built to help you instantly update many aspects of your game instantly and seamlessly.

Segment and personalize pricing and offers.

We know there is no one-size-fits all. Joystick allows you to have segmentation at scale for any parameter or feature.

Replace “git-ops” and having a tangled web of scripts.

Tired of having configurations, CSVs, littered all over your repo, and fragile scripts to import them? Joystick is your solution!

Don’t settle for waiting. Make changes and see it live in your app or game within seconds.

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Push changes live instantly and safely using remote config without tedious code merges, builds and deploys.

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Segment, or AB test anything.

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Organize, update and sync dynamic configs across multiple environments.

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One RESTful API or SDK for easy integration.

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A full suite of integrations, workflows, and webhooks.

Less than 8 mins from setup to getting your content live!

Time us! Join us for a demo: guaranteed it takes less than 8 mins from signup to getting configuration content live and available at over REST API. Joystick's core design principle is to be light-weight and get out of the way.

Keep a history and log of every change or revision.

Our versioning system is simple yet effective. Revert back to previous versions instantly. Additionally, all actions on the platform are tracked so you have a full history of changes for traceability and auditing.

Schema protection, so you don’t get bad input.

Ensure only the correct types and values are accepted on any config updates. In Joystick you can use industry-standard JSON schema to validate all changes to minimize the risk of errors.

Create granular segments and AB test any parameter, anywhere to deliver customized experiences.

Any content you put into Joystick, you can segment and AB test. Our system is designed from the ground up to put rapid testing, canary deploys, feature flagging and granular segmentation at your finger tips.

Plan and run scheduled events.

Joystick gives you the ability to update what you want, whenever you want so you can run live-events seamlessly while giving your team flexibility. Schedule configuration changes, segmentation and AB tests to activate and deploy automatically.

Native multi-environment support.

Joystick has been designed with a multi-environment workflow at its core, not an after-thought. Create as many environments as you need. Each is a silo for your remote configs and parameters. We have thoughtfully craft a suite of tools to sync, manage and promote content across environments.

Easily manage and sync content between environments.

Manage dozens or hundreds of configs without breaking a sweat. We designed Joystick from the ground up to be a robust remote config content management platform, including multi-user code reviews, diff viewers and much more. It can save hours every time you want to make a change.

Automatically generate no-code visual forms for any of your content.

Create visual forms for any of your content so your whole team can collaborate to optimize and evolve your product. Forms are one-click automatically generated based on your configuration content (or specific sub-parts), and can be customized any way you like.

Edge Caching and Delivery at Scale

As engineers who have built apps and games supporting millions of players, and hundreds of millions in revenue, we know speed, latency and reliability are top of mind. Our architecture uses the latest edge caching and high-availability delivery network so you can have peace of mind.

Delivery at Scale
Our Mission is simple

Happy Developers,
Empowered Operators

We believe iterating quickly and operating with agility is essential to staying competitive. Joystick is here to empower product and engineering with AAA-level tools to action insights instantly and real-time evolution of game and apps without length build-deploy costs.

Native Support for Multiple Live Versions

Don’t worry about breaking changes to your config data models as you update your app. We natively handle multi-version so you can evolve without hassle. Configuration content can be specific to your app version; operate multiple app versions seamlessly.

Protected Environments and Multi-User Approval to Reduce Errors and Improve Visibility.

We know you want to action quickly, but also reduce errors. In Joystick you can protect your environments and require multi-user change reviews. Every step is tracked with activity logging so your whole team has visibility.

Webhooks and APIs to Integrate with Your Workflow

We know everyone operates a differently. Our webhooks and extensive set of APIs allow you to create event-based workflows and notifications. Notify your systems in real-time as changes occur in Joystick. Connect to Slack, Discord, Twilio and much more!

Joystick connecting to Webhooks

Native Google Sheets Integration

Product Managers and Data Scientist can’t live without spreadsheets, and neither can we. With Joystick's Google Sheetsn add-on, publish configuration updates directly from Google Sheets to be accessible over API instantly. Our one-click solution is bliss to use.

Joystick connecting to Google Sheets

Push Data and Updates Into Joystick from Anywhere

Developers and Data Scientists alike will love our rich set of APIs enabling full life-cycle integrations. For example, take insights from your business intelligence team then directly publish optimizations and updates to your app. Your imagination is the limit.

Joystick with REST API connecting into it.

Equip your team with rocket boosters.

Explore what Joystick can do for your team. We are here to support every step of the way.

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